It looks like time has gotten away from me for about the last 4 years. My wife passed away about 2 1/2 years ago after a long fight with Lupus. I have our 2 sons to watch grow up and now find myself wanting to be outside more. I spend most of my free time photographing wildlife, something this site helped me develop as an interest after spending time with a camera. This site will remain up with the hope that it might help others with their projects and maybe inspire them to share their knowledge with the rest of the turning community.


Welcome to my new woodturning site. I have a lot of turning information that I have acquired over my nearly twenty years of making wood shavings and this site is for sharing that information. Those of you that visited my old site at Homestead will have an idea of the type of material I will have. Check the links on this page to see content I have up so far.

I intended to get everything ready before uploading any material but I never seemed to have enough time for that. Instead, I decided to go ahead and put the material online as I get it ready. If you are visiting now you can follow along as I continue to add new content. In the right hand column you can see the progress to date.

My purpose for having this site is to pass along as much information on woodturning as I can. I would never have been able to turn the type pieces I can if it were not for other turners sharing their information with me. This site is one of the ways I can continue that tradition of sharing.

This site is not a substitute for hands on training from a good woodturner. This is also not a safety course on woodturning. Woodturning can be dangerous and you need to understand what the hazards are and how to avoid them.

If you have suggestions on content you would like to see added I would be glad to hear from you.


Pictures I took at the Tyler Texas Rose Garden last October after demonstrating for their turning group.


Try your hand at turning a baseball cap, my newest project tutorial.


About time for some new content here so try turning a Helix, a round bottom bowl turned into an interactive sculpture. More images of the helix.


The bowl turning project is complete. This is a crossgrain turned bowl using a 5/8" (shaft diameter) side ground bowl gouge for all the main bowl turning.


I am still working on new projects and material for the site, if anybody is wondering. The duties of everyday life slow web site development some but the growth of this site will not stop.

Some of the digital nature pictures I take around the house and when traveling are now available. I know it is not turning but I thought I would share them anyway. There are animals, reptiles, flowers, plants and pictures of the sky in different moods. The little Sony digital camera takes pretty good close up pictures.

I'm working on finishing the bowl turning project this weekend. The pictures are up if you want to take a look.


The chatter finger top project is up and a couple of new pictures of bowlnest I made for Easter are in the new turnings gallery.


How to turn a rolling pin with handles that turn is in the project tutorials section now . The large images are coming but I wanted to go ahead and make the project available.


The gavel project is complete with new pictures for enlarged views.


I am working on projects for the site. The gavel project and a rolling pin with handles that turn. I have all the pictures made and I should have the gavel finished this weekend. Upload this week were pictures of gavels and bowls.


The textured egg project with new pictures and enlarged views has been added.


The goblet turning project is ready. All the projects will soon have new pictures with enlarged views.


Some pictures of my earliest turnings were added this morning.


Turning a crochet hook is now in the project section.


My links page is up. If you are interested in trading links let me know. If you have a link to my old Homestead site update it to the new site address.


A couple of gallery pages showing some of the birdhouse ornaments I turn are now up.


I am learning to use a gallery program for slideshows and picture displays. I have edited some pictures of the 2003 S.W.A.T. Woodturning Symposium in Texas. This is the only symposium I have been to and I had a great time. You can see them here. 2003 S.W.A.T.


Today I started my section on tools with a page on spindle gouges. You can now view examples of my turned hats and read my biography.


A couple of tips in the tips and technique section along with a page of hollow forms are now up and the page with information on the lathes I have owned.


In the project section, the mushroom and hat turning pages are ready for a sample.





Turning a natural edge wall hanging