Project Tutorials

Turning a Simple Bowl

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Cutting foot cove

Cutting a concave profile in to the foot.

Finished foot profile

The lower bowl area and foot finish turned.

Setting foot thickness

Using the spindle gouge to define the foot edge thickness.

Shaping bowl bottom

Remove the wood in the center to below the foot edge level. You can shape the inside of the bottom to be convex and mirror the interior of the bowl or concave if you have allowed enough wood thickness.

The main objective of reversing to turn the foot is to show you cared enough about what you turned to give every area the same attention.

Power sanding bottom

Power sanding the lower area of the bowl to blend in with the top. Stay away from the detailed foot. If you round over an edge you wanted to be sharp go back and cut the edge again.

Hand sanding foot area

Hand sand the foot without rounding over the crisp edges.

Finished bowl base

The finish sanded detail at the foot. Keep your details crisp.

Waste reduced on bottom

Reduce the waste at the bottom in preparation for parting off.