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Turning a Simple Bowl

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Parting bottom waste

Using a shallow carving gouge to part through the last of the waste area of wood. This can be done while rotating the lathe by hand. David Ellsworth shows this technique on his turning videos, the first place I saw this technique demonstrated.

waste parted

The waste parted off. I cut through slightly away from the bowl bottom and sand the nub off. You can sand away excess but it is harder to add something to fill in a dip if you cut too deep.

Sanding bottom

I have a 1 sanding disc to power sand the little nub away.

lathe sanding bottom

The jam chuck holds the bowl well enough for me to turn the lathe on slow and support it by hand for a little final sanding.

Finished bottom

The finished foot. Sign the piece and apply finish of choice.

finished inside

The inside of the finished bowl.

finished outside

The finished outer profile.

Except for the spindle gouge and carving gouge used on the bottom, I only used the 5/8 bowl gouge with a side grind to turn the bowl. There are many other tools used in bowl turning but in most cases, one gouge does the job.

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