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Crochet Hook

Hook side view

This is what the finished hook should look like after all the shaping. The top of the hook closest to the opening rounded over slightly so it will not snag the yarn when pulled back through a loop.

The shaft of a wooden crochet hook will get smoother and more polished with use. Many of the users have told me that the wood hooks seem faster and smoother to use than the metal hooks.

hook top view

This is a view of the hook from the top.

Hook view from bottom

Here you can see just how thin a section of wood remains after forming the hook.

Loose ring or beads on decorative end

I save pieces of exotics that have sapwood so I can change the design of the beaded area to one with a loose ring. The hook on the left is Macassar ebony and the one on the right is Brazilian kingwood.

The decorative end of the spindle can be any design you want but keep the hook end of the shaft a straight cylinder shape without taper so it produces a consistent size opening when used.

A good source for additional designs for the decorative turned area of the crochet hook would be lace bobbins.

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