Project Tutorials


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Handle reversed in chuck

Reverse the handle blank and grip the thread tenon in the chuck. Turn the square section to round that was in the chuck jaws.

Handle storyboard

The storyboard for the handle has all the information and layout points for turning this handle as many times as need.

Laying out handle with storyboard

Mark off the handle for turning.

Checking handle layout

All the sizing cuts made. I am double-checking with the storyboard that everything looks right.

Close up of sized handle and storyboard

To the left I have made my sizing cuts to align with the point where the cuts need to start as a reference. One side is half a bead and the other half is half a cove.

Skewing the handle to shape

Start shaping the handle from the tailstock and work back to the headstock end.

Gouge cut on handle finial top

When working into a sharp V area from both sides make sure not to move the line back and forth as you cut form left and right each time.

Gouge shaping handle

Make the concave cut at the top of the handle. You now have the transition set.

Gouge cut

Round the top shape to the thread straight section.

Rolling the handle bead

Roll the bead on the handle.