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Sanding stem

Once I have turned a portion of the stem, I sand that area while it is still running true. I reverse lathe rotation between sandpaper grits. I stop the lathe between each grit paper and sand lightly with the grain before going on to the next grit to minimize the circular sanding marks.

Stem partially turned

The stem is partially turned. I have made a parting cut to show where the bottom of the base will be. I can now turn the rest of the stem and the base to shape.

Base of goblet turned to shape

The base is finished and ready to be parted off. Crisp edges should stay crisp. If sanding dulls the edges of sharp details then touch them back up with a tool before parting off the goblet.

Skew undercutting base

I use the skew to make the finished cut on the bottom. This leaves a cleaner cut surface than most parting tools. Slightly undercut the base so the goblet will sit flat. Gently cut all the way through with the long point of the skew and let the goblet come to a rest in your hand.

Cup section close up

The finished cup section of the goblet.

Finished inside of cup

The inside of the cup is finished with no torn grain or rough areas.

Close up of stem top detail

Close up view of the transition from cup to stem.

Close up of finished base

The base details turned to compliment the top of the stem.

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