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helix layout 9

All three spiral marks and the drilled hole completed.

helix turning 16

Reverse the bowl to turn away the waste and complete the round bottom. The tailstock center mark form the original mounting is still there for easy reversing.

helix turning 15

I compress the bowl between centers using a piece of non-skid foam on the waste wood drive side.

helix turning 17

I use light cuts, pushing in the direction of the headstock, to remove the waste for the bowl bottom.

helix turning 14

The bottom nearly finished.

helix turning 18

The final paring I do with a carving gouge while rotating the wood by hand.

helix cutting 1

Now the dangerous part of this project, sawing the bowl into sections. KEEP YOUR FINGERS OUT OF THE BLADE PATH! Keep the section of the bowl being cut in contact with the saw table surface, rotate the bowl to the blade.

The cut starts with the bowl on its side at one of the marks. I am using a 1/4" blade.

helix cutting 2

As the cut progresses the bowl bottom will be moving closer to the saw table surface.

helix cutting 3

About half the way through.

helix cutting 4

The first cut is complete. Now start at another of the spiral marks and cut back out to free one piece.

helix cutting 5

Nearly finished with cutting one section of spiral.

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