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helix cutting 6

One section is now cut.

helix cutting 7

Cut along the last mark and you have the three sections ready for sanding and finish.

helix sanding 5

The blade can leave some rough surface to sand in the tight curve areas.

helix sanding 1

I use small sanding drums to sand the smaller radius curved areas.

helix sanding 3

A larger drum sander mounted on the lathe in the chuck works well for sanding the larger inside curve areas.

helix sanding 4

A belt sander can be used for the outside curve sanding most of the way around each piece.

helix image 2

With a little hand sanding and a finish applied the project is completed. This is just the start of what can be done with this process. Color one of the spirals dark, texture one piece or the outside of all pieces, turn beads on the outside, turn the outer rim thick and taper to thin at the bottom, just use your imagination for more possibilities.

Now you can have some fun rearranging the pieces of your interactive sculpture made from a simple round bottom bowl. To view some of the different images I have taken of this piece go to the Helix Gallery page.

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