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Rolling Pin

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Waste wood center for drive

I use a scrap of wood with a tenon for the handle blank drive just as the barrel was turned. This ensures the handle hole is concentric with the outer shape turned.

Handle between centers

The handle blank between centers.

Finished handle profile

I turn a simple shape for the handle without any beads or grooves that will collect flour and dough. This will make cleaning the rolling pin much easier.

Truing handle end

After sanding, remove the tailstock center and support the handle with one hand to true the end.

Sanding handle end

Reverse the handle on the wood drive, true the end and sand.

Waxing the endgrain of handle

I apply paraffin wax to both ends while the wood is rotating. Melt the wax into the wood with a paper towel or soft cloth while the lathe rotates. The wax will act as a lubricant where it contacts the other wood parts and they will move freely together.

Waxed handle end

The finished waxed end of the handle.

Second handle sized

I take the measurements from the first handle and make sizing cuts on the other handle.

Comparing handle profiles

Comparing the profiles of the two handles. Complete the second handle the same as the first.

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