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If you have any kind of problems with this website, do not hesitate to call our attention to them by filling out the form below. Don’t hesitate. This is not the time to be shy. If you notice that certain things are not showing up properly or if you click on a link and it goes nowhere, we need to know. While this website is a work of love and we have taken a tremendous amount of time and effort to put it together, we readily admit that it is not perfect. In fact, it is far from perfect because we have put in so much time, effort and energy creating content for it that we are not sure if certain things got knocked loose. Maybe a specific detail fell through the cracks. There are just so many things that could go wrong.

The reason this is the case is that there are so many things that we can’t track or pay attention to. We may not have had the time to adequately do so. It’s just part of any kind of big project. Whether you are coding an earth-shattering or ground-breaking new type of software for some sort of new technology or you’re putting together the finishing touches on an amazing piece of artwork. Regardless of the specific type of human creative venture you engage in, there will always be plenty of opportunities for things to fall through the cracks and for certain details to fail to manifest themselves until you are a day late and a buck short. That’s just the nature of the beast. That’s just the way things are. To assume that somehow, this website is perfect right out of the box would really be to assume too much. It would really be a big disservice to both ourselves and the people who are relying on us.


This is why we call on to everybody reading this website to become partners with us. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to send us money. You don’t have to send us donations. You don’t have to give us a portion of the hard-earned dollars generated through your wood turning practice. Instead, we are looking for help in the form of having as many eyes and ears all over the world. You may be using a specific type of browser. You may be viewing this website using a particular type of mobile device. There are all sorts of differences in platforms and situations, and these differences can highlight the kind of errors that may be lurking behind the scenes.

We want to know because we want to deliver the very best experience to anybody and everybody checking out this website. Again, we readily admit that this is a website that is a work in progress. There are still many rough edges to take care of. There are probably many other details that need to be ironed out, but rest assured that by simply becoming part of the conversation and reaching out to us regarding your feedback as far as quality control issues are concerned, you can help us get to where we need to go as far as quality goes sooner rather than later.

That’s the kind of partnership we’re looking for. We want you to partner with us so we can turn this wood turning website into the very best online resource for wood turners all over the planet. We’re not just talking about the United States or Western Europe. We’re talking about all over the world. We’re serious about offering later on foreign language content support, foreign language content management, and community management tools for people who are serious about this hobby regardless of where they are located on the planet. That’s how dedicated we are. That’s the big picture we have for this website.

It’s not just some simple blog that somebody put up because they had nothing better to do. This definitely is not a simple place where people can show off their wood turning skills. Instead, we are serious about turning this into the latest and greatest clearing house of all information that has something to do with wood turning from all four corners of the world. We are confident that with your help and participation, we will get to this goal sooner rather than later.

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