How to Blog to Maximize Your Woodturning Income


Right blogging

For right income

To maximize your income from Woodturning, you obviously need to create a lot of sales. These sales are not going to appear overnight. They’re definitely not going to materialize out of thin air.


For something to sell online, there are several steps that need to take place. These steps are non-negotiable. They have to happen. They have to take place in the right sequence.


When was the last time you bought something from a complete and total stranger? I thought so. Most people in their right minds would not buy from a total stranger. Unless you’re using drugs, chances are, you won’t buy an item that requires real hard earned dollars on your part from somebody you don’t know.


So how do people buy stuff online? Well, there’s a 4-step process. Now, this 4-step process takes place sooner for some people and longer for others. Regardless of the type of audience you are speaking to, this process has to take place.


It doesn’t matter where in the world they come from. It doesn’t matter what their native language is. It doesn’t matter what they look like. Everybody thinks along these lines. Everybody makes decisions using this process.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. They’re straightforward in the sense that they’re easy to understand. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re easy to implement. Don’t get it twisted. Don’t confuse the two.


So with that said, the first step is for people to know what you bring to the table. In other words, if you are going to be offering your wood turned products to the global marketplace, you are going to have to let them know that you exist. You have to let them know that you offer certain types of products.


The next step is to get them to like your specific product line. Now, this is a little bit harder because people often do not commit the first time they are exposed to something. Even if you come across somebody who you know needs a certain product or a certain service, this person is not going to instantly commit.


He has to at least look at the product several times before concluding that he likes the product enough to investigate further. In other words, they have to get several repeated contacts with the idea of the product before they can even consider that product as an option that they would buy.


If you think this is hard enough, wait until the next step. The next step, of course, is trust. When the person actually likes a product, they would read a lot about the product and see it in many different contexts until eventually it gets imprinted in their brain that they trust the product.


Once the prospect trusts your product, you are good to go. Seriously. Because once you get to that stage, you have such a tremendous competitive advantage because very few of your competitors get to that level. They focus on the “know” stage or they focus on getting their people to like their product, and they stop.


So build trust. And once you’re able to get there, it becomes much easier for people to buy from you. The best part is, if they trust you enough, they would often buy from you over and over again.


One of the most powerful ways to turbocharge this process of Know, Like, Trust and Buy is through blogging. When you have a blog, you basically are in control of how people experience the ideas behind your product. You can position your product, you can put in different contexts, you can paint all sorts of emotion impressions around your product.


The best thing about this is that content marketing puts you in charge. You are in the driver’s seat. Compare this with the situation where your target customers are actually the ones defining your product for you.


Don’t neglect the power of blogging because, paired with the right images, the right text and, most importantly, the right emotional signals, a tremendous amount of trust is created. And often times, you only need to get to that level for you to eventually close the sale because, by and large, your competitors don’t even bother to get there.


So focus on this and you will be fine. And the good news is, by simply blogging about your product, you stand to get in a position where you can dictate sales. This doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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